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Meet Devin

Devin Lars is the founder and CEO of Kurieo Media and Doing Everything Different. A true Silicon Valley native, he built his companies from the ground up, starting in his garage while still a teenager in high school. Within a few years, he was in full-scale production for Doing Everything Different, creating branded merchandise, running a manufacturing facility, and filming and editing marketing campaigns.

Since founding Kurieo Media, an integrated marketing agency which helps clients reach, retain, and increase customers, he’s worked with clients such as Nike, Tesla, Cisco, and A-list celebrities in the technology, music, and film industries.

As a grassroots entrepreneur who worked tirelessly from a young age to create the life he envisioned for himself, Devin is passionate about giving back to the next generation. Helping kids and young adults find their voices and find themselves has kept him busy speaking at events across the country.

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Devin’s Companies

A clothing line promoting a positive message, inspiring change, progression, and following your own vision to achieve your goals. Backed by many celebrities, athletes, business people, students, and just about anyone who shares the story of their own life and what it takes to work hard, struggle, to have hope, and to achieve the goals they are striving for.

kurieo (cure-e-o) is derived from the word curio — a rare, unusual, or intriguing object. At kurieo we create content that evokes brilliance, distinctiveness, and curiosity. Our diverse team has a unique and fresh perspective, infusing each project with ingenuity and passion. Every piece we produce is crafted to exquisitely tell a story that enhances the customer’s vision, and engages the audience.

Contact Devin

1111 Broadway, 3rd Floor
Oakland, CA 94607